Unable to load problem, try VPN~~~

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble accessing my previous chat history and using various options in the ChatGPT interface, including “log out.”
Even after trying several suggestions provided by OpenAI support, none of them seem to work.

  1. Clear Browser Cache And Cookies (clear all!!!)
  2. Disable Your VPN (Not use!!!)
  3. Try Different Browser (edge, firefox no way!!!)
  4. Disable Extensions (clean!!!)
  5. Contact Open.ai Support Team (many times!!!)

Then, I stumbled upon a community post where someone mentioned that using a VPN allowed them to access ChatGPT. With a sense of trial and error, I decided to give it a shot, and unbelievably, it worked like a charm!

Even the previously inaccessible “claude2” is now accessible. So, what’s the deal with this?

So maybe use VPN ???