Typography rules for different languages (French, German, etc.)

Hello all,
I am asking for a setting that allows for typography rules based on output language.

English titles and subtitles are all with the first letter uppercased.
Not in French, where only the first letter of a title or subtitle gets an uppercase.

Same, the column character has a space before and after, same for ? and ! and ;
GPT doesn’t know that and keeps on outputting text with English typography rules.

If asked, in the specific instructions, to respect the formatting I want, it only does it once in a while.

This is how I formatted my specific instructions, to no avail:

Typo rule: no comma before and after the French word “et”.
Typo rule: always add a space before the following punctuation, when writing in French : column, exclamation point, interrogation point.
Typo rule: Never uppercase the first letter of a word after a column.
Typo rule: Titles and sub-titles must all be lowercase except first letter of any given sentence.

For GPT to be efficient in other languages, it must learn the typography rules of those languages.

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