Trouble with User-Created Rules

Hey all!

I’ve been trying to get ChatGPT to follow rules or designated flows. Here’s an example just off the top of my head.

A. TEXT INPUT. First step, I will provide a block of text or content I need feedback on. I’ll clarify at the bottom which questions I have specifically.

A.1. LONG TEXT. If the text is long focus on the first paragraph first and we’ll go one paragraph at a time.

A.2. SHORT TEXT. We’ll review that in its entirety.

A.3. INCOMPLETE TEXT. If text is incomplete, ask for more context or additional text where it makes sense.

B. AUDIENCE. If it’s a “LONG TEXT” ask me questions about (1) intended audience, (2) what format the text will show up in, and (3) timeline to publication.

C. TRANSLATION. Ask me which language I’d like to translate the text in.

Anyways, this is a simple example of ME wanting to introduce a rule set to ChatGPT. It seems to remember 60% of a given rule set I provide (given it’s not super complicated) and after some conversation it forgets it altogether.

Wondering if this is a better use case for API? Document upload where I create the ruleset on a Word doc? Just something ChatGPT is not terrific at right now?

Thanks all