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Here is Heyam! :smiley: Fancy having a good fun time talking about all things AI on the Twitter Spaces? I would like to do a spontaneous, free, and super creative conversation that would help us develop comprehensive perspectives regarding the way how the phenomenal stream of everything is flowing! :smiley:

I am bouncing this idea off the walls of the internet at the moment to see if people can take a break from coding and generate some good vibes together! I have the best ideas prepared and would invite some great people to join! What do you think?

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Hello Friends!

Here is the link to the Space β†’

And here is an invite generated by our legendary GPT-3!

β€œCome and join us on a journey to explore the world of AI and Super Intelligence. During this event, we will be discussing different aspects of AI and its impact on society. We will also be looking at how we can prepare for the future of AI. So, if you are interested in learning more about AI and its potential, then this event is for you!”

With Super Good Thoughts,
Martin Heyam Bielecki


Here are the ideas I want to touch upon:

- Language models as the most powerful tools for almost everything at the moment. 
- AGI - challenges & state of the art.
- The house of AI β€” Is the government planning anything? What is the state of social awareness?
- AI Sci-Fi stories/ideas β€” old & new // Brainstorming + sharing info

I hope you can join us!