Trying to write a new collaborative multi-user coding app for ChatGPT4

As the title says, I’m trying to write an app for collaborative coding projects in ChatGPT-4. This is what the AI has done so far. I need human coders to check it, make improvements and to test if it works as intended.

The code has been shared via GithubGist, as I can’t work out proper code formatting here. Nor will OpenAI allow sharing of links (which seems kind of primitive). But you can still find my code by copying the following value into the end of the address on GitHub Gist.


Unfortunately ChatGPT-4 craps out after this point and refuses to take the code any further.

I’m not sure what the difference in the code between ‘secret key’ and ‘api key’ is? I know where to get my api key.

Any input or suggestions would be welcome.