Help converting old project to new standard with OpenAI/ChatGPT4

so, i have a really old project, from years ago. I mean, it’s so old, it has be compiled in MS FrontPage. I have tried to convert it to a .NET 6 core standard, but it has proved extremely challenging. Would ChatGPT4 or the OpenAI API for developers be able to assist me in such a tedious task? I haven’t used the API at all, so I don’t know if that would even help. Thank you for your time.


A few months ago I was using ChatGPT, not the API, for help in converting code.

Here are some points I learned.

  • Keep the size of the code given to one function/method. Also keep it to about 100 lines or less. Anything larger and the result is not worthing trying to fix the bugs from the ChatGPT generated code.
  • One of the languages should be one of the popular programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, C, etc. Since you noted .NET 6 it is worth a try.
  • ChatGPT can handle a conversation where it creates code, you compile it, you give any errors back to ChatGPT and ti creates better code, repeat as needed but after about 5 rounds you will probably need to start again or just use a prompt to create the code instead of asking for the code to be converted.
  • It works much better if you have expertise in the language being generated as you can quickly spot really bad generated code and not waste time on trying to debug it.
  • When working with one function/method if ChatGPT seems confused or generates code for function/method calls, just pass in the headers/signatures for those so that ChatGPT can figure out that you don’t need that but so that ChatGPT understands what the called function/method needs, think lines from C header files.
  • Don’t be afraid to just have ChatGPT create the entire code from prompts if needed. Do it as an outline with a high level understanding and then work your way through the details as if working your way through the outline.
  • Start each function/method in a new conversation.
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Check the documentation, it might help you in how to convert your project or parts of your project. Check both Insert and Edit. Edit is already legacy but still accessible from Playground if you want to take it for a spin.


Thanks a lot. I will definitely check it out