Trying the sample build of openai/plugins-quickstart... hit roadblock after ##setup

After success in the openai/plugins-quickstart ##setup (, I hit a roadblock at:

Once the local server is running:

  1. Navigate to “…”
  2. In the Model drop down, select “Plugins” (note, if you don’t see it there, you don’t have access yet).
    > 3. Select “Plugin store”
    > 4. Select “Develop your own plugin”
  3. Enter in localhost:5003 since this is the URL the server is running on locally, then select “Find manifest file”.

Step 4. Select “Develop your own plugin” is not presented as an option on the “Plugin store” dropdown nor on any subsequent pages. What am I doing wrong?

Should be here, do you see that on yours?

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I’ll take a look real quick… but I don’t believe so. Be right back to you.


I’m not sure if it makes any difference, but I also joined the Plugin in development waitlist some time ago, would be worth doing that if you have not already. Do you have this option in your :gear: Settings?

I might have misunderstood the “waitlist” statement (although I filled in the form anyway) and assumed, incorrectly perhaps, that for “Plus” subscribers, “no waitlist required!” meant I’d have full access for developers.

Thanks all for the insights. I think you nailed it.

Thanks, Foxabilo, for patiently helping out a “newbie” to the ChatGPT forum. I don’t have the “Open plugin dev tools” switch in my settings yet. I don’t know how long it might take for waitlist approval, but I’ll just need to wait it out.

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You’re welcome, as Plugins are now a thing, it should be fairly quick, if not instant for requesting developer access via the waitlist.

just saw the thread. As a plus member, I don’t have access to dev tool either. Just applied to join waitlist with my plus member account. Not sure how long it will take.

I signed on about ±2 weeks ago. No word yet. I’ll try to give you a shout if I hear something before you. Glad to know someone else in this community is in the same boat.