Translate Swedish with GPT-4o in the near future?

When testing translation using the API (working great by the way) I don’t see Swedish as one of the languages. I understand that’s how it is now, but what can we expect in a few months, a year, … In other words, what is the planning? Will Swedisch ever be implemented?

Regards, Gerrit

What makes you think that Swedish is not supported? It works perfectly fine for me.

Well, it’s not mentioned in the OPENAI translation language list and it’s not working for me using the API. Other languages from the list work just fine. Speechrecognition and transcription however works, including Swedish.

What is your API command to get a translation from or to Swedish?

Regards, Gerrit

This should be all that is required:

The model you choose will determine the quality and style of the output.

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