”TmCGPT Debugger” A ChatGPT client that integrates the web services version of ChatGPT and OpenAI API

Hello. Please try to use the application I developed that integrates the API with the web service version of ChatGPT. It supports Windows 10 and later, as well as MacOS.


  • Vertical 5-split text editor
    Designed to make it easy to cut and paste text to configure prompts.
  • Importing web service version logs
    You can log in with your ChatGPT account and import logs from the web service version. Even if the chat log has reached its maximum length, you can continue semi-permanently using the API after importing.
  • Web version of ChatGPT and Goggle Bard support
    A web version of ChatGPT can be used with the built-in browser. Texts can be sent directly from the prompt editor, and GoogleBard is also supported.
  • Preset phrase function
    You can register frequently used phrases and insert them into the editor.
  • Prompt template & log
    Prompt templates can be saved and loaded. Automatically saves up to 200 entries of sent text history.

New features in version 2.5.0 !

  • A new web app version has been developed to allow logs from the desktop version to be synchronized in the cloud. You can also view the logs on your smartphone. (To use the cloud function/web app version, user registration or login via Google/Microsoft/GitHub account is required.)
  • If you set an API key in the web app version, you can chat in the browser. The features are minimal, but like the desktop version, it compresses old conversation histories automatically, allowing semi-permanent continuation of conversations.
  • We may limit the number of registered users because of the cost of using the backend service.
    (The logs of the desktop version will not be lost even if the cloud service is terminated, since it is still the same as before for local use.)
    If you do not need the cloud function, please use ver 2.4.x.

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