VisualGenAI: One AI Mac app for all your GenAI needs

Hello! I released a macOS (13.1+) app, it is called VisualGenAI, the idea is to allow to work with Assistants, but right now the app allows for free (you need your API Key, it is stored in keychain locally in your computer and only sent to OpenAI servers), generation of chats (right now using GPT4 turbo, or any model), you can fork chats, change system prompt in the middle of a chat, it is very useful when working with for example GPT4, and you want to see how other models reply or same model but different prompt at different parts of the chat, something that is very common when coding, but in next releases you will be able to work with Assistants too.

The app uses iCloud and local folders

And then there is a full UX to work with Dalle3, I will post here some screenshot and a small video

You can download the application here

I will be uploading more videos here and also check


here I’m expanding an image in different directions

writing code…

Fork a chat… if you want changing prompt or model and will add more options in next releases…