Open Source Application on all platforms

Hello everyone, please allow me to introduce the full open source chat launcher, ChatGPT-Desktop.
It supports all platforms and allows use to create their own role libraries. Conversation histories are also stored locally for safety.
It supports both text and image modes. Integrate tokenizer to calculate the current cost of your token.
Currently, our team is working on internationalization. Anyone interested, please feel free to join us and submit a PR.
Project repository link: GitHub - Synaptrix/ChatGPT-Desktop: Fuel your productivity with ChatGPT-Desktop - Blazingly fast and supercharged!
You can also find us on GitHub Trending on the second place. Trending repositories on GitHub today · GitHub

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I don’t think you should be using the OpenAI logo or "ChatGPT" as these are registered by OpenAI. Just sharing to save you trouble later on.


Thanks for the advice, we have just released the new version with new designed icon. But still got no idea for the application name. If you have any suggestion, please let us know. :grinning: