Timeport - A time travel adventure game plugin

I would like to introduce Timeport, a ChatGPT game plugin. The game is an interactive experience set in any historical time of your choice. Players can experience various eras, chat with historical figures, navigate quests, and collect inventory items.

How to play: Search for “Timeport” in the ChatGPT plugin store and install it. Type “Play Timeport” to start playing.

More info at: https://timeport.supralevel.com/

Sounds interesting. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

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The goal was to design a game that was both entertaining and educational. Emphasis was placed on maintaining a straightforward gameplay. Players have the option to either explore at their own pace or take on a quest. Introducing gameplay elements organically within the game was crucial. With the right prompts, ChatGPT can create a seamless game experience. The most challenging part was experimenting with different prompts to realize this gameplay.

As far as tech, the API for the game was created in Node.js.

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