Thoughts on the integrity of the platform in light of the turmoil

My hope is that due to the fact that OpenAIs models run on Azure infrastructure, and the fact that Microsoft has made the statement that it is committed to its partnership with OpenAI, that even with a mass exodus of employees, Microsoft will keep the services running. Particularly since the lion’s share of those employees will be going to Microsoft anyway. I suppose much depends on what the contracts look like, but as a 49% (as I understand it) stakeholder and a vested interest in the integrity of OpenAI’s services, I really hope that Microsoft keeps them running.

I looked into OpenAI through Azure today and it is corporate customers only. You can’t access it through a personal account. It looks like Microsoft is relying on OpenAI as the consumer arm of these services, while they, under the Microsoft brand, cater to corporate and business interests.

Unfortunately I am not there yet. So if consumer level access to the OpenAI APIs and services suddenly vanishes, so does weeks worth of 18 hour days on my current projects.