Preparing for our risks of API

If 90% of OpenAI’s employees leave, what is the probability that API will stop working? . What measures should we take to prepare for this?

I have personally pre-empted the risk by not doing much work with the API in the first place.

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My gut says Microsoft (and the team at OpenAI) will not hurt their customers. This is based on a 4+ year track record of working with OpenAI.

You might take time to investigate alternatives, but as OpenAI is traditionally so far ahead, personally I’m sticking with them pretty much exclusively.

Will it be a mistake? Only time will tell. My SaaS isn’t huge, though.

If you’re talking hundreds of thousands of customers, you probably already wanted to have a back-up plan in place, imho.


My personal “preparation” (in quotes as I’ve been doing that even before the situation with OpenAI) is building using modular architecture where it is easy to switch prompts and models at every specific step of interaction with the user.

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