End of API Access! is it possible?!

Do you think it is possible that OpenAi will one day end its cooperation with developers and not allow anyone to access API?

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It’s possible, and it’s always a risk. Fortunately, other companies are starting to step up to the plate, so it’s not like they’ll leave behind a gigantic void.

I’d advise most people to stay as vendor agnostic as possible, and it’s usually not that big of a concern with bigger projects - because even if you stay with OpenAI, models get deprecated all the time and you need to reevaluate and upgrade all the time.

Is there a specific scenario you’re scared of?

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Well, we built several tools with the help of this API, of course, we also spent a lot of time and money, and there is always this stress that if this collaboration ends, what will happen to the development team! This is the only worrying scenario.

Well, we can hope google ultron comes out sooner than later. A large mistral might also be on the horizon. A lot of use cases can be solved by open source models as well.

I’m pretty optimistic in this regard! OpenAI just makes everything incredibly easy, and that’s a huge selling point.

But I think that as a developer, you could just pivot to another provider without too much hassle. It’s the experience that you accumulate that really matters! I hope :laughing:


We had a chat with Logan OpenAI’s developer advocate the other week and he mentioned that OpenAI wants developers to create, build and deploy with their API.
In fact this whole forum exists in large parts to help you do just that.

I would not expect that the API will be shut down anytime soon.

Yes, if I remember correctly, he recently stated that a primary objective of OpenAI is to be the most developer-focused AI company there is. This suggests to me that providing API access is an inherent and anticipated ongoing offering.

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