Now that's behind us, can OpenAI stop competing with its developers?

I won’t be upset if an outcome of recent events is that OAI slows down on consumer product announcements.

Their pace (as said elsewhere many times) has had the effect of scooping the developers that use OAI’s technology, as many of these products have put developer projects out of business or, at least, rendering a lot of their early research and development efforts as wasted. I would love to see OAI focus on their API offering instead of consumer or enterprise products (I’m sure Microsoft and some other stakeholders wouldn’t mind that, too). The public ChatGPT product is far and away good enough for OAI’s stated purposes for offering it.

Very happy to see things settling back down so we can all get back to work exploring and building on this extraordinary technology :slight_smile:

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It’s clear that OpenAI has compute limitations, or is unwilling to pay. The innovation they can offer is ablated models that can’t reason, or window dressing. That, while Microsoft, who provides the backend datacenter, is expanding AI into every product without a single “too busy” being seen.

OpenAI likely was given the same deal as many developers got with startup credits: Here’s $2500 expiring in 6 or 12 months, enjoy your rate limit of $120/mo. Except with billions and Microsoft taking a half-stake in OpenAI to get all the technologies first also, and a “no going elsewhere for compute” deal. Microsoft has a lot more they can bill you for once you are forced to move to Azure.

If there was a focus on API users, OpenAI could just roll back the function-calling models to the release date and leave them alone - or make them even better than the AI model had become lessened to by that date.

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Just watched Sams opening keynote, and well I am humbled. Brought to my knees with my head bowed in awe actually. I am a world class Branding and Design expert with three decades of work to show for my sins - getting people to want to buy things they don’t need. From Fast Fashion to pass guzzling Automotive, T shirts to Drinks. To buy from Food stores that don’t care to Banks no on wants, Governments to NGO’s, Publishers to Websites - I have in some part played a roll in making consumerism cool and taking the Earth to the brink.

Now, I want to spend what time I have in giving back, not because I am a rich philanthropist but more because I choose to be more of a Buddest than a mover and shaker.

Since graduating as an Architect and then from the Royal Accademy of Arts in London I have spent my time joyfully traveling the world of boardrooms - not start ups, to milk major Brands through Strategically driven Design.

So there openai, you have outed me.

Now I want to build a GPT that delivers to Designers, taking their talent and supporting them in building Brands across what I call the Six dimensions of Branding.

  1. Brand Positioning. (Product evolution.)
  2. Brand Identity and tone of voice. (Communications, PR, SM, CSR, CRM and Advertising)
  3. Environmental Design, (Architecture Interior and physical product design.)
  4. Digital ecosystems.(Apps&Websites)
  5. Staff Training “OnBrand”
  6. Earth. ( Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Smelling and sensing what mother Earth will feel as the stakeholder in design governance, thinking, detailing, manufacturing and sales.)

By integrating all six of these to design holistically with one signature for newly emerging Brands, we can elevate the quality of design everywhere, for everyone, starting with my counterparts, those tough bright lights in Design and Art, so led as they often are by ever younger brighter commercially driven leaders.

Im not a programmer, but I can drawer like a dream and think creatively like a sonofagun!

Having had my world elevated by open and ChatGPT, I want to ngage more fluently and in particular build a new business model designed for designers. An inclusive model for people who use Macs!

And I need help because “no man is an island” and because I don’t want to get flagged by this community again - unless I must.

So Im reaching out here for someone to help mentor an old bloke who doesn’t code but dose still think - to build a high value GPT that may not be the most used or popular, but will enable a world of talented designers to design better and build new brands. Brands that are worthy and meaningful, with utility and respect for the rock we dwell upon. Elevating the ordinary but only when it is right for our collective mother Earth.

Can someone good mentor me through to a my newly found need for this, a new type of success for me?

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OAI slows down on consumer product

I predict that won’t happen. They need the consumer-facing products to gather more research and testing data.
If your value proposition is just “I let you use OpenAI, but ” then you’re unlikely to have a long-term sustainable business.
You’ll need to have a “real” business that’s improved by OpenAI to build something that can last.