I’m not on a VPN. I’m using a browser I’ve logged in with countless times before.


You want me to sum up the values of 5 dice - there are 12 choices per prompt - and you want me to do this 5 TIMES?

So when I want to access the account that I pay for - I have to waste my time adding 300 (5x12x5) dice in my head?

This shows a complete and utter disregard for your users - especially those with any kind of handicap. You need to reassess this approach. It’s utterly shameful.

Hey champ and welcome to the developer community forum.

I recommend that you head over to if you’re having issues with your account. This forum is mainly intended as a space for developers using the OpenAI API, and is not actively monitored for issues related to chatGPT.

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(;゚ Д゚) … What !?

( つ д ⊂ ) rubbing eyes hard
, .
(;゚ Д゚) …oh my god !?

I’m sorry, but this is the first time I’ve seen a CAPTCHA like this.

If it would help, you can visit…
And calmly (within reason) report the problem with the unusual CAPTCHA.
It might take a few days, but they may be able to fix it…

Submitted to Predictably, they missed the point, ignoring all the problems with their CAPTCHAs and just reached for excuses about my setup.

I’m fine solving the occasional CAPTCHA - but not these CAPTCHAs.

They completely miss the point that CAPTCHAs need to be usable by human beings. OpenAI should just block users outright if they think this is acceptable behavior for their system.

I think they’ll never change away from Arkose Labs (who make the WORST CAPTCHAs in the known world). OpenAI competitors become more viable every day…