What is up with the moronic way of checking if you are human

As per title, I just want a new api key and get some brain dead train puzzle that always ends in some strange end page and have to start over again. Really, nothing better to check this?



You just have to think: how did somebody try to abuse the system with bots generating and deleting API keys rapidly that such a bot check was placed in that specific mechanism?

For Arkose CAPTCHA to be specifically put on API key generation, and not just when logging into an account, there had to be some anti-bot reason, but it is not immediately apparent what that would be. One could imagine any such botty scheme wouldn’t align with what an API key is for.

There’s little reason for more than just a few keys, such as making a specific subset of apps on your main account revocable. The organization system exists to allow other OpenAI accounts to bill their own key usage to your organization.

100% Agree with OP. We are paying customers not Amazon-turks getting paid to work.

Please remove that behavior it’s shocking to put such an unfriendly behavior to paying users. It’s borderline insulting.

Rates are already limited, what’s the need to stop me from getting a key ?

I need a key => I can’t see my previous keys.
=> I need to do 10 (TEN) puzzles to maybe get one
=> I miss input the key => I have to redo again ?

I was paying.

I just canceled my subscription right now. Do contact me if that human check is removed.

Edit : I am reacting a bit strongly since I got a dreadful night. A company with so many users can’t expect everyone to be cheerful all the time though.


Solving 10 Shitty puzzles really frustrating experience.