Can't pass train captcha (###########25 ok?)

Can’t pass a captcha with train, when trying to create new api key. WTF it ever asked I already identified and I have just 2 keys created! It is bad customer care! And veryy bad bug. Initially it told me to make it 5(!) times, I think I failed somewhere in 1st 2 series and ended with 10 serie (it increase it when you fail even once, or just because you was slow, or pressed wrong direction (with arrows which not predictable at all!). Only robots will have patience enough to pass such.

also I had to pad to 25 chars in subject on this forum, looks strange limit. why not 50 or 10 ?

Are you using a VPN to connect? Try turning that off …

No, I not used any, other services just fine, but I here also like for “human rights” it is just not appropreate to ask somebody solve your puzzle 10 times in row, and I believe, my laptop can solve it using modern vision networks :slight_smile: so who win ? bots or humans ?

Had the same experience. I don’t understand why open AI needs to ask me for a captcha a second time within the same browser tab. (I created a key, misplaced it and then made a new key and was shown the captcha again). All this within 15 minutes too.

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