"There was an error generating a response"

I keep getting “There was an error generating a response” when I try to reference the documents uploaded to my GPTs. My file size is small and I have tried other file formats but no use.

Has anyone managed to resolve this?

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I keep encountering the same issue repeatedly! There was a bug where it provided a response, but when I refreshed the page, the response disappeared. You can see the error I experienced in this screenshot:

This problem occurs almost every 2-3 responses, especially when dealing with multi-model tasks like searching or opening PDFs. My theory is that there is a bug related to the new UI element that displays an image and says “searching with Bing.” After it finishes, you typically see a checkmark. Strangely, if you’re not actively tabbed into the browser, it waits until you are before showing the response. I’ve also received numerous “There was an error generating a response” messages due to this issue. It’s quite frustrating, and I haven’t determined whether these errors count towards your GPT-4 usage. strangely as well if you check the same chat on mobile sometimes it shows fine on mobile, so I think its a issue directly for desktop browsers. I’ve never encountered these errors with GPT-3.5; it seems to be specific to GPT-4.