There is an abnormality in my account

There is an abnormality in my account. I only have one key, which shows that the last time it was used was 2.7, but I spent a lot of money on 2.15 and no reason can be found. Why is this?

Was the key leaked? Where are you storing it?

Did you deploy anything recently? Any email from OpenAI?

Have you reached out to We can’t help with account problems here. Sorry.

My key shows that the last use date is 2.7, but there are a lot of tokens used on 2.15. I don’t think my key has been leaked, and I didn’t perform any operations during this time because we were on vacation.

Last use date is a bit wonky. It was stuck on a single date for months. I wouldn’t trust that more than your own logs… Are you sure it wasn’t used on 2/15?

Sure, if the account API is maliciously attacked, won’t the key’s usage date be updated?

I’m saying that particular data point on that particular page has not been kept up to date in the past. So, just because the key last used date is wrong doesn’t mean it wasn’t used. It was updating a while back, but I wonder if it’s on a cron or something because if you updated it every time everyone’s API was hit, well, you could see why Sam needs $7 trillion for mostly compute…

So I infer that it may be because our key was leaked, causing the account to be maliciously attacked?

I doubt it for such a paltry sum?

If you’re unsure, you can create a new API key (you have to always have one active) and revoke the other one.

Where / how did you use the key?

Because the account only has this amount of money left, we have deployed the API interface on the local server, and the key is configured in the background service configuration file. There is no leakage problem. Perhaps an exhaustive method is used to attack the account indiscriminately? I don’t know much about security

Yeah, not sure. I’d ready out to if you haven’t yet.

This your only account?

Yes, I only used this one account,How should I protect my rights?


You said you had a free account with free credits and they were used. How does that infringe on your “rights”?

Maybe there’s a translation problem going on here? Apologies. I only know English.

I’d reach out to if you haven’t yet.

My account has been topped up, but now there is no money in my account. What should I do?

I’d reach out to if you haven’t yet.

I haven’t contacted openai yet, can you help me?

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I am unsure that it would cost 7 trillion many things update instantly like Facebook users receiving instant notifications… and this is real time… where in this case it could still be updated later with the right information… But since this topic is solved I guess it was not a 7 trillion dollars mystery