The playground breaks on in my browser because of not checking conditionals

Any message I send, in any browser, with every cache cleared, on any device breaks because somebody didn’t remember to conditional check.

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)

This is the code it is referring too

                var e;
                const t = [];
                return (null !== (e = n.content) && void 0 !== e ? e : []).forEach((e=>{
                    "text" === e.type && e.text.annotations.length > 0 && e.text.annotations.forEach((e=>{
                        "file_path" === e.type && t.push(e.file_path.file_id)
            ), [n])

It is annotations that turns up undefined, please fix as it breaks the page every message I send.


className’s that are adjacent to the code is thread-item, thread-item-header etc

Also there are multiple threads referring to this issue, for instance:


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Same here. So far, no responses from devs.

fixed no?

Fixed for me atleast