Serious Playground issues, Making 1k network Requests/Minute

Using Assistants Playground, I was already having issues with text annotations causing the UI to crash completely. From browser console I noticed it was basically a React type error (useMemo).

Then I refreshed the thread, and now it’s in a loop making a ton of network requests. I’m just amused by this so I have it running still lol

Here’s a google drive link to a screencap, and it’s still going:

EDIT: So my browser crashed 10 minutes in, but every time I visit the same thread in the playground it starts again. There are a total of 2 messages and 1 file attached.

Also the exact TypeError I mentioned was this:

TypeError: e.text.annotations is undefined

We can’t help you here, unfortunately, but reach out to and go through the process of reporting it.

This is a quite active forum, so no guarantee a staff member from Open AI will see your post.

Good luck.

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