Playground broken after update?

This started happening after the Chat playground UI update.

Sometimes the UI suddenly becomes blank when prompting.

Another way to reproduce is to click on the History icon.

Console logs:


Also having issues today with system prompt going blank and also line breaks being removed.

Exact same issue here; Windows 11, latest version of Firefox. Clicking on the History icon instantly triggers the issue just as you said.

Same issue here; happens after a while in multiple browsers.

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try different browsers, I’ve seen a post here that said something like that was happening to Chrome I think, but was working in Firefox. I’d say avoid 3rd party services that sound like scams.

Managed to fix it.
Notice that the error message above is about the browser storage. So just clear the local storage for and it will work again.
The previous playground history will disappear though.

Looks like OpenAI didn’t bother to test this new UI thoroughly when they deprecated the old one.

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I can switch browsers and it will work for awhile and then break again.

What do you mean by “clear the local storage?”

This didn’t work for me. I tried clearing everything as described here, but now I can’t even login. It never completes the auth process.

Still having the same issue here; blank white page after every input in Chrome & Safari.