Playground page going blank on Chrome

When I run a prompt in the new Playground, the text begins to appear but after a few lines of generations the whole page goes blank.

I’ve tested this in Firefox and Edge, and the bug isn’t present there.


Same problem here, it does finish generating, and if i wait a while and reload, the text is there, but the screen goes blank each time. It happens to me in edge and brave.

Looks similar to this other issue: playground-broken-after-update/751106

TLDR: delete the browser local storage for the playground site. (It will also delete the playground history, you can try backing it up if you need it)

This is actually not that issue, if you check the console the error is simply a javascript error where the browser tries to check the length of a part of the streaming response, which sometimes is undefined for some reason. Point is, it’s a silly front-end bug where they should have checked if that part exists before checking the length. I’m sure they’re gonna fix it in the coming days, but god damn is it annoying.

(I have the same issue)


There are threads from yesterday that I’d need. How could I retreive that? How could I delete data then that’s BEFORE yesterday?

Yeah, at this point Playground is nearly unusable on all browsers. Anybody have a workaround?

On Firefox works great, what are you talking about? :roll_eyes:

I’ve unfortunately had the issue in Firefox, as well. Seems random.

Problem could be from you, extensions, cache.
If were a problem from Open AI, we all should have it, but we don’t.

Don’t give up your freedom to use Google Chrome, they track everything in browser…