The last paragraph is worse than worthless as it is often condescending, or obvious

I have found the last paragraph in Chat GPT’s answers to be not up to snuff for the rest of the answer and is often some sort of hand wringing nonsense along the lines of,
"However, one must remember that if you (___________________insert totally obvious comment ______then that would be bad.).
I intend to just throw away the last paragraph without ever looking at it, but before I change the code, I was wondering if there is a way to do this on the Chat side, with the right instructions, so I won’t be charged for stuff I never use, and never want to use.
Also, I am worried that someday they will switch it up and the comment will change from valueless to having value. So, there is that.

Maybe you could add to your custom instructions. “Please do not tell me about obvious stuff that most people know about.” It’s just a guess, please tell me how it turns out.

I tried quite a few times to tell it to leave off the sanctimonious ending, but it just won’t do it.
Don’t get me wrong, I think Chat GPT is great, I just want rid of the last paragraph.

Maybe this topic can be of help:

Personally I remember the ChatGPT version from just before the plug-ins were released (with the black logo) as the most respectful version of ChatGPT.