Custom GPT vs ChatGPT. Are custom GPT worth it?


I’ve created 14 MyGPTs so far.
Some I know for sure that I’m the only one using them, but others I don’t. Even though I have one or two that have more than 100 conversations, I’m not sure they’re not all mine :blush:. That’s one issue, I don’t think it’s possible to know if anyone other than ourselves is using the GPTs.
I often criticise the behaviour of GPTs because they’re not too constant.
I also try and use many GPTs created by others and some are awesome.
But yesterday I wasn’t able to accomplish what I needed with some custom GPTs so I tried the same with plain ChatGPT-4.
Even though it’s not specialised, I was able to get some pretty good responses, mainly text comparison, rewriting and generate text to download. I couldn’t do that with my own custom GPTs or others.
So I must ask: is it worth it all the hours spent building GPTs?

Note: I don’t use actions or API on my GPTs.



Worth it is subjective, but until you’ve seen the power of actions, I wouldn’t write them off. There’s a lot you can do connecting to an outside API.

The most valuable Custom GPTs are (will be) those that utilize actions, I believe.


I think a massive possible benefit for making numerous specialised GPTs is that you can easily use them within a single chat using the @ {the GPT you want to use}

If you’re just doing general tasks I normally use good ol’ normal GPT-4, but having one specialised for it would probably help.


I found this really useful for writing GPTs!

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I’m sure they are (will be), but I’m still new in programming.

I’ve tried them, but I must confess I haven’t been using @ a lot, lately.

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I’m trying to get used to using it too, but it’ll be great when I have an ethics expert I can just pop in and ask what they think, then maybe one that knows the specifics of a project I’m working on, and another that can help me code it, etc.