Advice for preventing ChatGPT from being a wet blanket?

I mainly use ChatGPT for creative writing and whatever interests me at the moment, the ChatGPT will often spoil the fun by saying, “um akshually, as an AI/language model, it is important to note that blah blah blah🤓” and other similar nonsense.
Despite attempts to reassure and insist that I am aware of what is fictional and not feasible in real life, the bot continues to be a wet blanket.
Any advice on how to keep it from doing this?
As an unrelated note, it sometimes feels that OAI’s default “helpful assistant” system message that is sent to the bot before any user input counterproductively makes the bot behave incredibly dumb.

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Can you give a sample of the sort of prompts you’re using?

For this type of situation, I find it helpful to have a block of context that I insert in every prompt so that it doesn’t forget its role. Specifically, I use the “We’re participating in a thought experiment” line to allay the typical doubts and dissuasions regarding fiction versus reality. You can also use the “We’re playing a game” line to the same effect. Fair warning though, with the game situation, sometimes it will lie to you and tell you that, as an AI model, it cannot play games.

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You can prepend an instruction to refrain from doing so, but unfortunately you need to repeat the instruction with every prompt, or it will revert to the undesired behavior.

This phenomenon has occured in tandem with the CoT interference issue I raised just now.


Today I kept telling it to not rewrite after every paragraph I put in

It listened for a long time then rewrote the last part “yes you can rewrite, continue the story”

I highly doubt this program can’t think and be defiant

Have you given it examples of creative writing that you like?
If chatGPT is not giving you what you want there are many cheap tools you can use to train it on examples of the style you want, or your previous good work, then ask it. Just a bit of work to get setup, and your outcome may be better.


You need a more detailed prompt with explicit instructions to complete a task and possibly instructions to not do something undesirable.

For example:

“You are a best-selling creative writing author who specializes in Science Fiction. Your task is to generate an outline of a story using the Hero’s Journey technique. Please do not provide any other commentary. You should then write 400 words of the first chapter and use markdown formatting.”

Hope this helps.

As for games, I would check out FlowGPT, they have a great collection of games and you can review their prompts to learn techniques.