Using the name "ChatGPT" describing my product

I am using the ChatGPT API in an app I am looking to publish in the app store. However, for using the term ChatGPT to describe my app, it is rejected.

" We noticed that your app subtitle includes the following trademarked term or popular app name: ChatGPT

Leveraging trademarked terms or the popularity of other apps is not appropriate."

Nevermind that there are several apps that use ChatGPT in their subtitle. Any suggestions on what I should do here?

Find a different name, I’ll suggest using the word AI in the name instead

Use of Brands. You may not use OpenAI’s or any of its affiliates’ names, logos, or trademarks, without our prior written consent. – section 9.b

the other apps you see are examples of trademark and copyright infringement and are not licensed by OpenAI. If you want to use OpenAI’s name and logo you should contact the sales department

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I am building a tool to create novels. Shouldn’t I name ChatGPT as author? I mean the user just needs to type a booktitle.

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I’m not using it in the name. Just the description. Specifically putting “Powered by ChatGPT” in the subtitle.

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It is not powered by ChatGPT, the model that would be powering it is gpt-3.5-turbo. ChatGPT is OpenAI’s product.


If you’re creating an app/plugin for the chatGPT plugin store there should be no need to tell people that it’s powered by GPT.
If you’re publishing your app on the android or iOS app store then it’s either apple or google you should contact :smiley:

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chatGPT is not qualified to give legal advice, it’s not a search engine, you shouldn’t trust everything it tells you

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I’m simply posting the response. I contacted OpenAI and I’m awaiting a response.

Just wondering if you had received a response from OpenAI yet?

Nope. I’ve contracted them with Chat 2 times and email 1 time. No response.

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Has your app been approved by Apple? If so, what modifications did you make? as we are encountering a similar problem

Ok. So we can say “Powered by Open AI GPT-3.5-Turbo”?

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I’m not sure what we can say. Open AI hasn’t responded. Say what you want about Apple, I can talk to somebody on the phone in 5 minutes. Open AI could do better with customer service.

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You’d think that that would be ok. After all, in some situations hosting providers scream up and down: Windows Server X, or Y version available here! In some sense we’re like resellers, and potential customers WANT the functionality it provides.

Good point, and in the future you may be required to state that.

I am totally fine with that. Although the user can edit / rewrite the whole book and therefor gpt-3.5-turbo is just a co author (I guess along with me as well, since I made the prompts that are running in the background).

Please have a look I raised that issue Received two notices about my trademark applications

Apple doesn’t accept any gpt keyword and variations

I think you should not use ChatGPT as your product name or in your product since ChatGPT might be their trademark and in their ToS they said you should take full credit and responsibilities of the responses.
(I’m NOT a lawyer and this is just what I suppose)