The file upload button doesn't appear

Good evening, how are you? When the GPT 4o was released, I could upload files to the AI, but now this button doesn’t appear anymore for me. Can someone shed some light on this?

Thank you.

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I have the same problem, since the GPT-4o rollout, I simply don’t have the paperclip icon anymore, anywhere.

I’ve logged out and clear all my cache and cookies, logged in again but nothing of paperclip ( My app on android is not showing the options too ) :frowning:

Yeah same here, tried different browsers, devices, clearing cookies and cache, and my friends’ accounts all have the paperclip even on the same device. So I suppose it’s something with our accounts where we’re selectively banned from uploading stuff for no given reason.

Any news for you? For me nothing yet, the paperclip don’t appears :frowning:

Still nothing. Maybe they’re mad I cancelled my Plus subscription :roll_eyes: