The Art of Prompt Design, OpenAI Codex, Fine Tuning and More with David Shapiro AKA daveshapautomator [podcast]

Today, I wanted to share a great podcast discussion I just had with none other than @daveshapautomator. He is an OpenAI community regular and an active voice here on the forums.

I asked him about so many topics and learned so much:

  • InstructGPT

  • The Art of Prompt Design

  • OpenAI Codex

  • His book - Natural Language Cognitive Architectures

  • OpenAI Fine Tuning

  • His thoughts on the pathway to AGI

  • His thoughts on the OpenAI community and how it can be improved

  • His thoughts on multimodal AI technology

It was an awesome discussion and I encourage you to watch it at the links below:


omg I was hoping for something “multimodal” education–podcast. And here it is! Thanks for sharing.

Also: you have a very nice voice. I enjoy listening to it; in your videos.


Thank you!!! Kind of you to say

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I enjoyed this discussion so much–I was scribbling notes and ideas. I agree that it seems like this forum could grow exponentially. I am really interested in the question generator David mentioned–this could be a fantastic educational tool and a tool for thinking in general.

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Wow, glad this post was bumped up to the top of the forum or I never would have found this Podcast. I’m 2/3 of the way through this episode and look forward to listening to many more.


Great podcast guys. Thank you for putting in the time and making this available.


Awesome video. I will be reading David’s Books and watching more of your podcasts. Thank you for sharing.

Am I too late to post this comment. Loved the talk. Awesome share David!!