OpenAI Codex First Impressions with OpenAI Ambassadors Abran Maldonado and Yash Dani [Podcast]

I just recorded a podcast earlier today with OpenAI community ambassadors @Abran and @yash to discuss OpenAI Codex in great detail:

It was an awesome episode and we discuss various topics like:

  • The OpenAI event yesterday
  • Our first impressions with OpenAI Codex
  • Experiments we’ve already ran with OpenAI Codex
  • The nature of programming itself
  • GPT-3 vs. OpenAI Codex
  • How OpenAI codex is changing how we view code and our roles as developers
  • Near term trends/effects we may see

OpenAI Codex is so exciting and I’m excited to have more conversations with people in this space!