GPT based book club podcast and video

Hi, I created a podcast based on GPT called the “AI Book Club.” No this is not a book club where we discuss books on AI. Instead this is a book club where I discuss great books either non-fiction or fiction with my two AI “friends” (yes I’m anthropomorphizing them) I tweaked them to give them distinct “personalities.” As you listen to an episode you will notice they are not just repeating facts. Instead they are being very conversational and reactive to the current context. Their ideas are creative and often very original - sometimes a little too creative. The first episode is the classic non-fiction book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” with my two AI friends - Marie and Charles. The direction of the conversation and their responses are not planned or scripted. This generative auto-regressive model produces surprisingly human like conversations.

Here is the podcast link:

or you can watch a YouTube video where I created video “people” of the two models for the discussion.


This is a pretty fascinating possibility. Discussion-based podcasts and youtube videos are often the most informative. There’s something very particular about listening in on a conversation between humans (or other intelligent entities) discuss a topic. It is usually far more engaging than listening to one person lecture.

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Yes, I am the moderator, it may be more clear in the video when I’m talking or you know it’s a human because I’m the one that stammers when I talk whereas the the GPT data is run through a text to voice API and so they speak more clearly. It was also pointed out that in the video I never introduce myself - which I should have.