The api account is lost, how do I retrieve my original organization account?

I have been using my account normally, but today I logged in and found that my api organization was gone. My api account may have been hacked and my organization has been lost, how do I get it back? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Oof. That’s pretty bad.

Considering it takes weeks for OpenAI to respond to you with a chatgpt generated response, the best option is to probably just make a new account. :confused:

Oh my goodness. This will affect my work, and it will take a long time to increase the level 5 limit rate.

Thank you very much for your reply. Is there any better way?

30 days, I think, considering that you will be on a pre-paid plan. :thinking:

can’t think of one, short of marrying sam altman or something.

:unamused:I guess my boss will let me go home and raise cattle and sheep.

Is it actually your fault though?

Was it closed because of abuse? Did you use the moderations endpoint, etc.?

Although, one sec:

are you saying your account isn’t assigned to an organization, or that the organization (the organization that you made) is gone?

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look!I am the only one using the api organization, and today I found that the organization is missing.

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Mmh, interesting. And you are the organization owner? If not, you might have been kicked. Were there any other people in your org?

I’ve seen this when I kicked one of my org members out. They saw a similar page and there was a modal telling the user to contact

OMG my job is a mess right now, how do I fix this?

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