Current usage cap for GPT-4 pricing

it says nothing for current usage cap for GPT-4 pricing
and i keep getting caped off and i payed the $20
on the link Scroll down and take a look.its highlighted in purple under (plans)


Hey @webtv123. David here, from

GPT-4 is limited to ~50 messages every 3 hours. You’re then switching back to GPT-3.5 automatically. Not much we can do about it, I’m afraid.

I know this wasn’t much help, but it’s a broad idea of the limits.


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I guess you’re not getting the point the pricing and the plan is what you’re supposed to get.
Do you see any of it that says about cap usage? on the link i posted

If you wish to make a specific enquiry regarding ChatGPT you can do so on and use the icon in the bottom right corner.

i contact them not all of the time just some of the times the cap usage comes up
but i get no reply’s…

from chat gpt bing when asked how much is worth
According to the Wall Street Journal, OpenAI’s revenue to date has been in the tens of millions, but it expects strong revenue growth (see more below). In 2021, OpenAI’s valuation was reportedly at $14 billion

ALL that money and only gives you 50 messages every 3 hours

At least we know where some of the money goes.
Some OpenAI engineers make as much as $800,000 and were key players in Sam Altman’s return (


yep I picked up on this today, This only just changed from 50 to 40 during the last couple of days at some point as I checked earlier.

Have you also noted that all CSV and xlsx files are now throttled completely. Fully functioning GPTs and ChatGPTPlus are all misbehaving now on excel and data files but word still works ok.

I’m starting to really get ticked off about this cap usage BS soon as I find another platform that can read images and give description I’m outta here I’m sure Elon Musk will have something coming out pretty soon.

all my usage got used up by chat gpts screwing up not me


Tier 3 with 1500 daily and 120 per min seems reasonable for a preview model, and ChatGPT usage does not affect your API limits.

Foxabilo i don’t understand what you’re saying can you make it more clear thank you

If you have one of the most common account tiers, Tier 3, you get 1500 image input calls per day at a rate of up to 120 per minute. That seems to be pretty good for a preview system.

Additionally, use of ChatGPT is not connected to your API usage limits.

There is no indication in this thread that webtv123 is currently engaged with or familiar with OpenAI’s programming API.

What Foxabilo is talking about is the application programming interface, which is primary for developers that wish to make products based on OpenAI technologies. Instead of a monthly subscription, developers must pay for their actual usage of AI language models whether for the amount of data or by-the-image.

After making a prepay credit reflective of a business interest, the rates available for some models (and the costs) are significantly higher than within ChatGPT, which is a consumer product.

If you have a specific case, like generating hundreds of vision requests or images a day, and are familiar with programming, that may be a way to perform production workloads.

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Ahh, possibly. On the Developer Forum I make the assumption that posters are talking about the API.

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Thank you for explaining . much apprecated

A free user can use GPT3.5 unlimited, if you pay, you get gpt4 but limited. xd this bs makes no sense.
a logical way is to have a40messages for 3 hour at a free account, and unlimited for a payeed version.


Do very large prompts count twice for message caps? I’ve let GPT4 summarize some articles and I was capped at 20 messages… That was this morning without any messages the night before so I expected 20 more messages…

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That’s exactly what’s happening. I copy pasted a few very long code blocks and my usage is limited like in 10 messages.

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GPT-4 could do more… 40 messages is too low. People from Open A.I should know that we are using GPT-4 on daily basis as an assistant, it should be at least 300 messages, sometime we have to edit and recalibrate some answers from gpt.


It’s insane that they’ve done this. I switched to Google Bard. Are they trying to make people switch to competitors? I find the reduction absolutely disgusting. Together with Network Errors and faulty AND lazy errors, there is no use for actual development. It came at the exact right time because with the business we’re choosing an AI for development and for my friends I was about to buy them payed accounts to try it out.

Why are you testing on PAYING members??? And why would you significantly reduce the quality of the product?
Greed, greed, greed. They are testing to see what they can get away with. Prove me wrong.

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I completely agree. What am I paying so much each month only to be told that I’ve reached my cap. I agree with poster that free should be limited and paid should not be as limited. I can’t get much work done. Maybe will look elsewhere. £20 a month is a lot.