Thanks to OpenAI team for releasing super nice chatgpt

Oh… I asked chatgpt how to send thanks to you guys and he answered email. But failed to send e-mail. So I write it to here again.

THANKS!!! :slight_smile:

Hello, I am a Korean programmer and currently developing iOS apps mainly.

I tried many times to learn algorithms, design patterns, and some other things to improve my programming skill.

My study style is to read a question or problems, solve it even if the answer is right or wrong, read or listen to a well explained answer. Repeating this cycle until I successfully solve it with just my own skill is the most favorite way to study.

Unlike studying at school, studying programming is not so easy because I have few people to ask about these things. So I almost gave up after more than 7 years. Fortunately someone needs my skills so I can continue my job as a programmer. Even if I almost give up on growing my skill further.

I tried to talk with a chat gpt about many programming problems. Unlike other people I know, he (or she) answered nicely and detailed. I feel I need more time to grow my skill but I can see hope.

I will try employment problems on sunday. Of course I will not use it when testing because I want to solve it with just my own skill. But until the test starts, chat gpt will be my best teacher. And I will be a nice programmer like you guys.

I really want to ask and read answers again and again. Maybe I should stop my other hobbies for a time.

Once again thank you so much for making such a cool guy.

Have a nice day~

Thanks. Really thanks!!

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I agree! As someone with ADHD who has trouble beginning tasks due to always being shut down because of my unorthodox learning process (more or less exactly as you described - tackle a difficult project even if possibly wrong, and figure out why it was wrong to see if I can still achieve the desired outcome to complete the project I set out to start, training or no. Neurotypical people don’t get this, they want to shame you or tell you the right way to do it, regardless of how it’s not their business to tell others anything unrelated to what they were being asked. Anyway, your post resonated with me! Best of luck with your app development!