Thanks, this forum is really well built

I really just want to say that despite the frustrations I face with gpt sometimes, this forum, it’s ui and it’s users are great. It’s very well organized and works fast and flawlessly. Kudos to the devs who built this! The only things missing seem to be community managers, moderators and open ai staff members getting involved, but maybe I’m missing something and they’re already here as well.


This is a Discourse forum and the software is free and open source.


Thanks Eric, that’s very helpful info. That Discourse platform looks great, so thanks for sharing! I think I didn’t notice the icons for mods and staff members earlier. Perhaps it could be more prevalent? I’ve seen you and some other mods/staff members in threads before but had no idea they were staff members. I’ve always felt everyone here were just users.

I have been using chat GPT since last January but I found it interesting how it works,. Having experience with chat GPT sometimes it get confused if the help one is asking is clearly but always it tries to put on other way round. The help that one is looking is always the best if it has asked properly