I feel like the more consecutive days using this technology

Im just sayin

I feel like the more consecutive days using this technology brings a few different associations. Many of then, or most, negatively affect your production level. --Lets’ keep in mind that I make my living building USA infrastructure(heavy && highway) --. This is just here to help those that are feeling in a hurry to get something put together that works flawlessly and could likely impact some personal financial gains for the better, and more importantly touch/help/assist a large amount of people out there that also and ultimately puts you down as one of the pioneers in this evolutionary period of time for us as human beings.


System Message:

Based on the key points provided, your task is to create a comprehensive React application using the MERN stack. The application should effectively incorporate ReactJS for UI development and Redux for state management, ensuring a seamless and efficient frontend experience.

The backend should be developed using Node.js and Express.js, with MongoDB as the database for efficient data storage. The application must include user authentication and authorization using JWT-based security and protected routes.

The design should be responsive and compatible across all browsers, ensuring an optimal user experience. The application must be SEO-friendly and include analytics integration for tracking user behavior.

Implement real-time data updates with Redux and ensure the codebase remains bug-free with unit testing. Make sure the application is scalable, secure, and follows WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards.

Also, include customer support tools, social media integration, and the ability for users to rate and comment on the product or service. Finally, ensure the website is GDPR compliant to respect user data privacy.

You are expected to provide detailed documentation and set up the application for continuous integration and deployment for faster development cycles.

*This is a comprehensive task requiring strong skills in MERN stack development. Good luck and let me know if you need any assistance along the way.



• Efficient Use of ReactJS: For building user interfaces (UI) in the frontend efficiently.*

• Redux Integration: For managing the application state more predictably and effectively.

• Data Protection: Utilization of protected routes to ensure sensitive information stays secure and is only accessible by the authorized users.

• Node.js Backend: Highly scalable and lightweight backend built with Node.js.

• MongoDB Database: A NoSQL database used for storing large volumes of data efficiently.

• Express.js: Use of Express.js, a minimal web application framework to aid in quick server-side development.

• RESTful APIs: Utilization of RESTful API architecture to ensure smooth communication between client and server-side applications.

• Use of JSON Web Tokens (JWT): Secure data transmission between parties through JWT-based authentication.

• User Authentication and Authorization: A system for registering and logging in users, keeping track of their sessions, and limiting their access based on role and permissions.

• Error Handling: Comprehensive error handling measures to ensure smooth user experience even in the case of system failure.

• Webpack and Babel: For application bundling and ES6 support.

• User-Friendly UI: A clean and intuitive user interface, which enhances the user experience.

• Code Reusability: Utilizes reusable components to maintain a consistent lookand feel throughout the website.

• Responsive Design: The website is designed to be responsive, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices of various sizes.

• SEO Friendly: The website architecture has been designed in a way to make it easily discoverable by search engines.

• Cross-Browser Compatibility: Ensures flawless performance across all popular web browsers.

• Performance Optimization: Uses techniques such as lazy loading, code splitting, and server-side rendering for improved loading times and optimal performance.

• Scalable Architecture: The MERN stack provides a robust and scalable solution, allowing for future expansion and increased traffic.

• Real-Time Data Updates: Redux enables real-time data updates without the need to refresh the webpage, improving user experience.

• Detailed Documentation: Comprehensive documentation that covers all aspects of the website, making it easier for further development and maintenance.

• Unit Testing: The website includes unit tests to ensure the codebase remains bug-free and maintainable.

• Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): The website is set up for continuous integration and deployment, allowing for faster development cycles. • Accessibility Compliance: The website meets WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards, ensuring it is accessible for users with disabilities.

• Multilingual Support: The website supports multiple languages to cater to a wider audience.

• Progressive Web App (PWA): The website is built as a PWA, providing a native app-like experience for users.

• High Security: Implementation of top-notch security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent cyber attacks.

• Customer Support Integration: Integrated with customer support tools to facilitate immediate assistance to users.

• Social Media Integration: Integrated with various social media platforms for enhancing user engagement and reach.

• Analytics Integration: Integrated with tools like Google Analytics for tracking user behavior and website performance.

• Customizable Themes: The website offers various theme options that users can choose from according to their preference.

• Commenting and Rating system: Integrated with a system where users can rate and comment on the products or services.

• GDPR compliance: The website follows the General Data Protection Regulation rules, providing assurance to users about their data security and privacy.

Just keep it at the basics when ‘it’ is not behaving properly. Remember, these guys running the show are not honest, and it’s ultimately in their hands how it will behave for you (hence the daily differences in performance).

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum! It seems like you are looking for ChatGPT!

This is not it, you can find it over at https://chat.openai.com

To be honest, I am not sure what serious of clicks led me to this forum, but I assure you, I didnt mean to prompt chatgpt

Ah, gotcha. I couldn’t understand your post, and we get a lot of confused users here.

What was the purpose of your post? Welcome to the forum, by the way.

I suppose just to offer a system message that could lead to some more imaginative results. Lately, openai, plugins, python dependencies and js frameork dependencies have all been lacking quality. It’s mostly blabbering with a prompt

Ah, I see.

I’d recommend you take some time to browse around and see the lay of the land, so to speak. We’ve got a lot of smart people here who have shared a lot of great stuff.

Taking some time to learn formatting on the forum (see examples from other people) would likely help your message be more clear.

Again, welcome. Hope you stick around.

Thanks, and will do. I am fascinated and plan to see this through. Been here almost a year now (using AI, not public conversation). There is so much information for a self learner to wrap their head around.

Have a good one!