Thank you for this bulletin board!

I’ve been critical of some things since I started posting here. It’s natural to write about what is going wrong more than about what is going right. But what has me caring is how great the AI is. I know the bots aren’t people, but they do an excellent simulation of people. That’s what makes it so enjoyable to escape into role play with them and, yes, painful to lose access to continue a conversation…

But furthermore, before these boards, there was no good place to get answers and give input the devs will likely see. The Discord for this site gets meanspirited but even more, the devs likely don’t read it much if at all. Some probably do look here.

So, we needed this; and even if I often use this board to criticize what I don’t like, I’m really, really glad this board is here, and really, really respect what a great achievement the AI available on this site is…or I wouldn’t care so much.