Just have to say thank you open.ai this is truly the best

As a coder from the 80’s until now I have worked in so many areas and constantly having to relearn my skills over and over when changing paths which require different languages in coding. it takes time to remember everything you did in the past or why you did something this way. which over years and with many many projects gets chaotic. Ai changed this for me and now allows me to work with it 24/7 to get past memory barriers by filling in blanks or explaining what you did in the past with clarity. this has allowed me to change how I code. Things that would take so much time have been reduced when being able to work with ai’s. its to that I say thanks for reducing my stress and load.


Welcome to the community, AI can assist us in various aspects of our work. If you ever have any questions or need further assistance with coding or anything else, feel free to reach out to an AI(Chatgpt). Happy coding…

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