Team Workspace data privacy, chat visibility

Due to data privacy concerns I was asked to upgrade our account to Team plan, but I found no documentation on how the Team plan works.
So I seem to have a Team workspace and personal account A being an owner of the workspace. Then I have 3 other members. If I start a chat in personal account, I believe it will not enjoy the privacy benefits of the Team plan, but If I chat in Team worskpace, will other members in the workspace be able to see my chat? I know I can share a chat and send a link to a team member, but other that that none would be able to see the chat, right?

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There is some but ChatGPT Teams is very new and has many bugs at present.


While not easy the best way to get a true feeling for ChatGPT Team before jumping in is to read all of the topics for Topics tagged chatgpt-team

As you have it already, you might be able to help others.