Team account for one person


I was wondering if it’s possible for one person to get a two person team account and use both accounts.
Like, if I pay the price of 60 USD for a team account can I use both accounts myself on the same computer?
Is that against the terms of service or do I risk getting banned?



Your question can be seen as ambiguous because the topic uses the tag API and then uses the term Team which is currently used for ChatGPT Team.

The following answers are based on ChatGPT Team.

Note: I do not have a ChatGPT Team account and instead am relying on information found from this topic.

Yes. You will be billed for both accounts so as you note it should be $60 per month.

Yes. But as others note you may not be able to share conversations. In other words you may be creating source code in one conversation then hit the limit, so start using the second user. It may be that the second user does not have access to the conversation of the first user.

For those with at ChatGPT Team account, if that is wrong please correct me.

As I am not an OpenAI employee I will not present my interpretations of polices.

As noted earlier, see this topic.

If this topic is indeed for ChatGPT Team, please change the category to ChatGPT and add the tag chatgpt-team.

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@maxangel123 - I wonder if there is a safe way we could do some sort of “group buy” because I would also like to switch from GPT Plus to GPT Teams – despite only being one person.

For me, even more important than the higher prompt limit, is the larger context.

Is there a way to buy teams subscription for only 1 person instead of having to pay for minimum of 2? Asking because when i try to upgrade to teams the minimum amount of people changes to two and the price doubles. I need teams version only for me. Please help?