Just got approved for GPT-4 API! uh, now what? lol


I know it’s a vague question, but just getting approval to use the ChatGPT-4 API.

Naturally SUPER excited!

Any pro tips to share that you feel would have been helpful to you when you were just getting started with it?

Just some due diligence. Pretty clear on what we will be doing.

We will be integrating it in applications for business content creation and marketing support.

Naturally, I would rather ask those who have been there, done that already as we venture forward.

Any things to look out for, cool lesser-known features, or possible unknown pitfalls?

Thanks in advance!

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Have fun testing and finding its limits for your use cases! And something I found is it can struggle with maintaining format in long form responses when asked to continue them. A way to help improve it in my experience is when asking it to continue its response in the same format with the same rule set, ask it to “Continue from this point (paste ending of last response) and maintain the same formatting as before.”

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Thanks for the suggestion. Makes sense, I do something similar in Chat as well (because simply saying continue is a halucination invitation - lol)

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start racking up that api bill :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


One cool thing you could do is try autogpt now. Just don’t run it in continuous mode unless you’re too rich to care. I have used it, and it’s pretty cool. It obviously needs a lot of work before it will be very useful, but still, it’s pretty cool to mess with.

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:thinking: “too rich to care”, huh? :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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With GPT-4, indeed, the API bill quickly escalate.
What i found to be much superior than GPT-3.5 is the skill as group chat moderator.

GPT-3.5 used to be very chatty and disturbs group chats.

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Man I am in the same boat. I have a full frontend and backend built out. Now I am sitting here starting to look the plugins you can build. But have no real direction on buildout.

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Can I unsubscribe the Plus aftet the APT-4 API got apptoved?

I believe you get some credit for the api with plus. But if you want to primarily use the api you could just add a card and start racking up the cost as you go instead of a monthly cost. you could potentially pay less only using the API

Yogi, Tell me about what you developed on the front and back!

PLUS is in fact much cheaper than API. Your spend will escalate very fast if you only use APIs.

Their token calculation algorithm is quite complex - especially, coding completion/chat costs much.


Is there an average multiplier that could be used to estimate the cost of GPT-4 vs GPT-3.5-turbo?