Switching back to GPT-4 after hitting usage cap

I recently experienced hitting the usage cap for GPT-4. At that moment I got a warning saying “Use default model” and clicked it. This changed the model in the thread from GPT-4 to GPT-3.5. Even after the cooling time for the cap limit has finished, the model will not switch back to GPT-4. I would like some help in switching back to GPT4.

Thank you.


I fully agree with the comment. By not having an option to switch back to GPT-4, valuable context in previous messages is lost, and contributes to users having to copy-paste previous messages to achieve desired results.

Implementing this measure would help OpenAI reduce GPT-4 consumption.


I also agree. Would love to see this implemented if there is not already a way.

This feature is fundamental.

I can’t believe I lost all the context for a conversation I’ve been developing for more than a week, what a terrible user experience…

Any updates on this feature? I don’t understand why not enable it?

I have the same problem after hitting the cap and opting for default, except now i can either use GPT-4 with no plugins or GPT3.5 with plugins, no way to get back to GPT-4 with plugins. Even if i select GPT-4 for the channel when i select plugins it immediately switches that channel to GPT3.5 plus plugins.

Having the same “struggles”. Please make switching back to GPT-4 a reality. Please baby baby baby, please! Thanks.

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Now I have to pass the context back to GPT-4, which consumes even more GPT-4 powah…

Doesn’t GPT4 only use the last two comments or so for the “context” of the conversation regardless? I believe this is why the feature was considered moot.

I would like this option as well! I’m not sure how to verify but I asked ChatGPT to switch back for me and it says it did… but IDK if it really did because the UI shows 3.5:

There seems to be no warning that it will do this and as a paid service its enough to be entitled to a full refund. The people at openAI should know that it should duplicate the history into 3.5 to continue not convert the conversation. Theyhavent eben responded to this flaw