Switching back to GPT-4 from GPT 3.5

After going over the limit I accidentally clicked to go to chat gpt-3.5
Now I want to switch back, but I can only start new conversations without the history.

I’ve looked to the ‘workarounds’ with getting the last request from Inspect and changing the model, but that doesn’t work (anymore)

How do I swicth back to chatgpt-4 in the same coversation

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As you are fully aware this is a thing that has been bugging people for quite a while now.

Also, there is no button to switch models during a conversation. The option only appears (sometimes) when the message cap is hit.

Personally, I would copy-paste the conversation, or relevant summaries, into new chat, ask the model to familiarize itself with the topic and the conversation, and then proceed.

Since this is apparently the way things should be, I have changed the tag of your topic from ‘bug’ to ‘feature request’.

Let’s hope this gets added some time soon.

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