GPT-3.5 as a Backup for Unavailable GPT-4 and Seamless Transition

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to discuss a topic that I believe is important for maintaining a high-quality user experience when working with GPT-4 language models. As you may know, GPT-4 is a highly sophisticated model that can generate highly accurate and meaningful responses to text input. However, due to its high computational requirements, it may sometimes be unavailable or overburdened, which can result in latency and delays.

To address this challenge, I propose implementing a backup model, GPT-3.5, that can be activated when the primary GPT-4 model is unavailable or has reached its maximum usage within a three-hour window. By doing so, we can ensure that users continue to receive prompt and meaningful responses, regardless of the availability of the primary model.

In addition, I propose a seamless transition between the models, so that users do not experience any interruption in their conversation. For example, if a user is chatting with GPT-4 and it becomes unavailable, the system can automatically switch to GPT-3.5, and the user can continue the conversation with the same context and flow. When GPT-4 becomes available again, the system can seamlessly transition back to it, without the user having to restart the conversation.

I believe that implementing GPT-3.5 as a backup model and a seamless transition between the models will significantly improve the user experience when working with GPT-4. I welcome your thoughts and feedback on this approach and any other suggestions you may have.

Thank you for your time and participation.

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I think they did this now as yesterday I was allowed to transition to GPT 3.5 when I hit the limit on GPT 4. But now I can’t go back to GPT 4 on that chat even though enough time has passed. It would be great if it as possible to switch back too