Support doesn’t work if you can’t login

So, I have a paid account. Yet I cannot login, it says “at capacity”.

First off, that’s not what I’m paying for, I’m paying for access.

Secondly, there is a login link for plus subscribers, which I am. But that throws an error.

It links to the help pages, but since I’m not logged in I cannot actually ask for support there.

How do I log in to the service I pay for, and how do I receive the support I pay for?

While we’re at it:
Please fix your enable history settings. If you login again or on a new device by default history is again enabled; this is a privacy issue since this might not immediately be clear.

It also defaults to 3.5 even if you’ve previously selected a different version

Fortunately here, there’s a link at the bottom of the page that works, “service status” where you read, and then see that there is nothing further for you to read or request support about.

That does nothing for when the issue is with signin; then you cannot ask for support even if the service is up (which it is in my location btw, others are in it)
Nor with the other issues.

It may just be your browser not working with the help agent.

This is me using Edge for almost the first time on a new OS install, and I certainly don’t use it for logging in. In Edge, the help messenger icon at lower-right appears when it doesn’t for my own account in Firefox (because lots of privacy blockers keep those things from running).

Now THAT is interesting.
I have never seen that button before on any of my browsers, so it seems like there is indeed something going on there with my browser.

If that button is visible for other users then this issue is thereby resolved.

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