Upskilling the dev team about generative AI

Hi guys, I wanna know how your tech teams are being upskilled about generative ai. What is being working fine and what is working bad? Any suggestions?


Can you rephrase the question? I’m not sure what you are looking for from the developer forum.

Sounds like they’re trying to figure out how CTO’s and Engineering Managers are getting their teams trained to build using LLMs and other generative AI systems.

Probably not the right place for this discussion though, maybe a good fit for something like HN.


Hi @Foxabilo, I am trying to understand how the dev teams are learning and practicing anything about generative ai in a workplace environment. I asked here because each developer, data scientist, expert in machine learning, for example, maybe, can share how is being this journey. I saw people studying alone and developing personal projects. This is good, but I wanna know how it is working in a workplace.
I don’t know if this question doesn’t make sense for you, but in Brazil, the country I am, the reality is a few people has already this practical experience to share.

Hi @brianjking thanks for your explanation. Yeh, my question can be about it, although I also consider that other people can lead this process.

I am asking it because in Brazil, where I am, we have a huge scarcity from Gen AI expertise and some of the “best” courses are from EUA, and they are so expensive for the brazilian reality. PS.: I know that there are couses in coursera, for example, very affordable, but they are not practical.

Maybe I can just ask you, what you have done to learn about Gen AI, besides the foruns?

I will be so glad to hear your journey :slight_smile:

Well, developers meet here a fair bit, there is also a lot of work done behind closed doors due to the potential for money making with AI being the hottest new property since electricity. You can make use of free resources like

Lots of stuff on YouTube, very active AI community on Twitter/X these days, and there is the up and coming OpenAI DevDay on November 6th

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