Suggestion for Gift Card/Token Transfer Feature

Dear OpenAI Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to propose a new feature that I believe would be highly beneficial for OpenAI users: the ability to purchase and gift API tokens to others, similar to a gift card system.

This feature would allow users to easily share the powerful capabilities of OpenAI’s services with colleagues, friends, and family. It could also be a valuable tool for businesses looking to provide API access as a reward or incentive to their teams.

The main aspects of this feature could include:

  1. The ability to purchase API tokens as a gift, which can be redeemed by the recipient.
  2. An option to include a personalized message with the gifted tokens.
  3. A secure way for the recipient to redeem the tokens without sharing sensitive account information.

I believe this feature would enhance user experience and expand the reach of OpenAI’s services. Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to seeing the continuous innovation from OpenAI.

Best Regards.