User Experience Feedback -

Hey OpenAI, a few suggestions for

  1. Amp up those security features! :lock:
  2. Consider allowing email modifications. :e-mail:
  3. How about lifting the single mobile restriction? With 2FA, it can be streamlined. :calling:
  4. Greater flexibility in configuring API keys within our platform accounts would be a game-changer. :key:

Your platform’s user experience matters! :rocket: :yum:

Regarding API keys: I was wondering if they’ve considered having a PublicKey Signature methodology in addition to the Bearer token (API key). If OpenAI payload requests are signed by a PrivateKey from an OpenAI-provided KeyPair, that would theoretically mean Apps can be written that perform actions on behalf of end users, and the signature itself would say “who” to bill the charges to. That frees up app developers from having to think about billing.